Most frequent questions and answers

SPI is an accredited international fitness and sports education organization.

SPI graduates obtain an impressive depth of knowledge delivered in a very unique way (edutainment) to help students understand and memorize the toughest scientific info and be able to easily apply them into practice. 

SPI also assists its certified trainers in finding job opportunities in the fitness field while working on continuously improving the education system and the participants’ level of knowledge

Because some of our instructors have helped develop materials for the Canadian National Coaching Certification Program, our students can receive the same information that is presented to international caliber coaches. 

SPI certifications are internationally recognized and accredited by REPs UAE for the Category A Personal Trainer and EuropeActive / EREPS (EQF L3 & L4). SPI will also provide attendees ACSM approved CECs (continuing education credits) and REPs UAE CPDs (Continuing Professional Development) that are needed in the Emirates for trainers to renew their REPs registration.

SPI certifications are internationally recognized. SPI is a Canadian institute, providing ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) approved CECs (Continuing Education Credits). SPI is also REPs accredited for Personal Training via REPs UAE and Europe REPs. 


Most courses take around 1 month. To become a certified Personal Trainer there are 2 required courses to complete. Certificates will be handed out upon successful completion of each course. Certificates normally arrive from Canada 4-6 weeks after the exam return deadline. So if you are starting today you can expect to become a certified personal trainer within 3 months’ time.


Our program is always changing and being updated, for the latest information about our program and offered courses, please visit our calendar page (http://healthclubbusiness.com/) or contact us @: (Whatsapp #+971 50 284 0074)


For a student to become a Certified Personal Trainer s/he is required to accomplish the SPI qualifications of “Training for Health & Fitness” alongside “Advanced Weight Training Techniques” in no particular order.


Yes, SPI shares the list of certified instructors who are looking for a job with fitness institutions that contact us. However, it is up to the institutions to select and hire.


In the event that an exam does not meet the necessary requirements, one rewrite is allowed ($40 or DRHs EQUIVALENT fee need to be paid). If after the rewrite the exam is still not satisfactory, the course will have to be redone (for an extra charge of $250 OR DRHs EQUIVALENT). 


Due to the way the SPI materials are organized, the course program cannot be shortened. However, the course materials taken before can be evaluated, and you will be eligible for a bigger discount accordingly. 

SPI Course fees include all course materials. Gym rates, package rates and/or facilitation in payment apply in some occasions. Course fees must be paid prior to the start of the course. 

Below is a list of the courses and their fees :

  • Training for Health & Fitness 3999 Drhs
  • Advanced Weight Training Techniques 3,999 Drhs
  • Post Rehabilitation Training 3,999 Drhs
  • Nutrition for Optimal Health and Sports 3,999 Drhs .

Contact us for more details regarding package rates, discounts and/or facilitation in payment.

Is there an installment plan?

SPI provides an installment plan up to 3 payments

Contact us for more details WHATSAPP  : +971 50 284 0074

EMAIL: info@universalmuscleandfitness.com

How can I pay?

Payments can be received cash, card or by money transfer. Course fees must be paid prior to the start of the course.

I signed up for the course but I cannot attend anymore, what do I do?

Full Refunds are available up to 3 hours of course start up, and are subject to a $50 or DRHS Equivalent for administration fee. Refunds will not be granted after this time but registration can be transferred to another course date.

If I cannot complete the course for any reason, can it be continued in the next course?

Yes, uncompleted courses can be continued in the next time the course is given without any extra charges considering the student provided a valid reason for not completing the course